I wrote this interesting [geeky] poem in 2004

I’m thinking of studying,
And this thought … I’d like to keep it.
I don’t feel in place at this party;
I’d rather be doing physics.

Complex fractions and
Instantaneous accelerations oh my
Nah, I’m not drinking,
And I don’t feel like picking a fight.

The average velocity of my motions in time:
What a wonderful thought.
Maybe I could go to the other room and study
Without being caught.

If only a person to take my place
And give me a necessary substitution;
I could be doomed, but
Where there’s a problem, there is a solution.

Zip zap, let me think.
What is the given information?
Blip blop, and rink-a-tink.
I found an applicable equation!

Take the change in speed of the party
For a duration of 10 minutes, five consecutive times
Do this and compute the result, then
Compare the rate of change of those five

Now graph the result in a chart of
Change in speed vs. time
At some point the party speed is low.
Connect the points to make a line.

Look at the graph and estimate the amt of time
It will take for the next negative slope.
Pack your bags and patiently wait
For the next opportunity to get up and grab a coke.

When you find an appropriate time,
Go for a soda and then slip out the door.
If someone asks, say you’re going
Out to smoke and will be back in about four.

Problem solved, and now to get home so I can study;
Then I’ll be doing fine.
I think I’ll start on Physics, then play with some integrals
On my TI-89.


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