(on notetaking) incoming gadgets – what to buy, if anything

I’m now in the market for a new toy to use for my note taking. I’ve recently found that I take lots of notes and do not, in any fashion, organize those notes; every day I find myself looking for something that I wrote down “somewhere” or a piece of paper that I stashed away somewhere.

This is not a big issue yet, but as I get more and more notes and papers, I can see it becoming one – wait, actually, it kind of is an issue since I’m taking the time to talk about it. Anyways …

I don’t have the money to burn on a really nice “affordable” 700 dollar tablet PC, nor do I want to deal with the following issues on a day-to-day basis: battery life, finding a plug every hour, glare, vista, did I mention I don’t wanna spend 700 dollars on another computer?

Now, of course I would LOVE to own a tablet and play with it constantly and use it to death, but the pricetag alone would be bad for me. Now that we’re over the tablet pc’s, what are my other options?

software to organize my notes
Well, the two softwares that I imagine using to organize my notes in windows would be onenote or evernote. I like them both.

Onenote review

Evernote review

hardware to make my notes
For this area, I’m going to disregard ugliness, bulkiness, and all around shoddy design. I’ll focus on functionality and price for my needs.


+ works very well with onenote
? don’t know if it works with evernote
– requires special notebook
– 300 dollars, I could almost buy a tablet pc for that pricetag


+ records audio along with the writing
– requires special notebook
– doesn’t work with onenote
– doesn’t work with evernote
+ reasonable pricetag


+ doesn’t require a special notebook
+ reasonable pricetag
+ there’s a program out there that makes this work with onenote
+ works with evernote
– does require special clip board, but that’s comes with the one time purchase of the set

So there is obviously a clear winner for my needs – I NEED to have searchable notes, otherwise I might as well use paper and a scanner. But even still, I’m reluctant to spend the money. Maybe I should just stick my head back in my sewer and try to keep my paper notes organized? The feature that I just swoon over in regards to evernote, and onenote, is that 5 years from now, my notes should still frikkin be there waiting for me to type in a search expression and summon the golden nuggets from history – really, how could you possibly top that.

Lastly, I don’t know much about scanners. I do know that there are some nice small scanners out there with a nice small pricetag, but when you scan your notes into a computer, can those notes become searchable? So far, I haven’t found any real clues to indicate that this sort of thing works; still have to do more research. Initially I thought the only downfall of the scanning idea would be that I’d have to go HOME in order to scan in notes I just took, unless I was cool with looking ridiculous in that moment, but I later realized that’s not a downfall at all. With any of the note taking tools, aside from the expensive tablet pc, I’d have to wait until I get home in order to put the notes back on my PC anyway since I don’t want my business on public computers. And with that in mind, here are two other potentials:

random “portable” scanner – no I wouldn’t really carry this in a bag

random flatbed scanner

And that’s where I’m at in regards to incoming gadgets; I’m in the grey area of “still trying to decide to get anything at all”.


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