30 day 3 – fail; quit smoking day 4 – fail

Well, I failed this time with the 30 day trial on day 3, simply because I made a decision to STOP all activity at that point. I decided instead to continue doing what I was already doing, playing video games, so as to distract me from the fact that I wanted to smoke. I quit smoking one day before I started the trial and did pretty well up until today after work.

Lots of factors at play here, but none of them, I think, kept me from succeeding as much as my own “want to” did. Parts of my 30 day trial stay steady – like the waking up, showering, etc but the parts that don’t stay steady are the cleaning up the car especially. Everything else got done on day 3 before I quit other than cleaning up the car and hitting the bed around 10pm. And since it was all part of the list, I figured, start from scratch in the name of attempting my previous list-method theory.

So, stay tuned for the next update. On the bright side, I failed quitting smoking on day 4, whereas I previously failed on day 3. That’s some improvement as I think I can overcome all the physical withdrawal symptoms fairly easy. The part that got me this time was that I had a really strong withdrawal pang pop up while I was driving back home from closer into town. It caught me off guard, as I didn’t have my quit smoking mp3’s or my quit smoking “what to do if you feel like smoking a cig” list handy. My “what-to-do … ” list got deleted when my pda decided to kill all my data when it crashed … but, i did backup my shizzle before that happened so I’ll just have to restore the documents.

Next time, I need to make it a point to have those items available 24×7. We’ll see what happens then.


One thought on “30 day 3 – fail; quit smoking day 4 – fail

  1. Hey ewonk,

    Have you ever considered that your withdrawal symptoms could be a state of mind? I’ll tell you – there are a whole lot of myths out there about smoking.

    Drug companies want smokers to believe that nicotine is physically addictive and this makes them have these strange non-existant withdrawal symptoms and buy useless things like patches.

    Let me give you one example of why smoking is not physically addictive. There have been a few cases where smokers had banged their head and woke up in hospital with amnesia. Guess what – they didn’t crave any cigarettes!

    Addiction is purely a state of mind and nothing to do with the physical. “They” just want you to believe that.

    If you’ve got any questions about it or want help for your next quit attempt then I’d be happy to assist you (you have my email). I consider it my life mission to cure smokers of their addiction.


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