day 1 – checking in

So, I’m checking in just to update this blog with what the new 30 day list has on it. Basically it has the same stuff as the last list but this one is more focused on the ‘start it’ side of things since that would make for a good baseline to extend the times if I wanted to. All of these things fall into my goals at least indirectly but I’m still trying to figure out how to add newer baseline items into it which tie closer into some of my other goals.

Well, here’s the list:

1. wake up at 7ish (7 – 8) or earlier
2. clean house for 5 minutes or more
3. clean car for 5 minutes or more
4. read to phoenix for 5 minutes or more
5. write journal entry (not necessarily a blog entry)
6. set out clothes for at least the next day
7. take shower
8. review expenses (budget)
9. go to sleep around 10ish (10 – 11) or earlier

The main difference is that I took out “pick out MIT’s for tomorrow” and added in something for my budget. I don’t really have a problem figuring out what needs to be done everyday so the MIT thing was kind of a useless placeholder on the list.

There are a few other things that I’d like to add to this list like “review flash card database for 5 min or more” and “read hardback book for five minutes or more” but … I didn’t find time to do them today without rushing it … since, yah know, I was still picking out what I wanted on my list.

I think I might add those two in tomorrow and just act like I’d done them today. We’ll see what happens and I’ll update the blog with further info as I go along (not on a daily basis, blah).


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