Umm… day 3 fail?

I reluctantly went to a bar after being invited by a bunch of my coworkers. Nuff said? lol We got there around 4pm and I didn’t end up leaving until 10ish when I got kicked out, all of my coworkers were long gone by then anyway.

New rule. Do NOT go to a bar with your coworkers if your coworkers are light drinkers. Don’t drink so much in public!

Needless to say, I didn’t get anything done between 4 and 10 and ended up falling asleep right when I got home.

However! I will continue on and start a new day 3 today since I don’t have a death hangover. We’ll count yesterday as a gimme’ or a mulligan or a freebie. ONWARD!

Correction: I’ll start a new day 1 on Monday, and count my first trial as a womp womp.


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