30 day trial – day 2

Today went pretty well. One problem that I find myself running into is, well, it feels like I’m racing against the clock right after I start the first task in the evening. I think that I’m starting a lot of my tasks later than I should start them.

In other news, a huge raccoon scared the crap out of me tonight. As I was walking to the dumpster, trash bag in hand, like I do every week, the dumpster looked normal and there weren’t any noises, just shadows. So, I propel the trash bag that’s in my hands in the backward direction in order to launch it into the air – most people chunk their trash right? Once the trash reached the end of its backstroke, I heard a huge BAM BOOM. I don’t think I jumped in the air, but all of the hairs on my body stood up in alert and my brain turned to counter-strike mode. Ready for defensive maneuvers. Then, as I stood there waiting for something, anything to reveal itself, out popped a huge raccoon the size of god.

Also had jury duty today. The lawyers settled though, so no one got selected. And I still got a release form that said 8am-5pm although I was released earlier than 5. Think I went back to work? Well, I went to the bar first, and then fell asleep when I got home. I guess I’ll have to make up those extra 3 hours tomorrow if necessary. But I’ll try to talk the timecard lady into letting my fly by with what’s printed on the paper since “the law” says I was released at 5pm 🙂

W00t, 30 day trial, I’m woopin yer ass so far. 2 down 28 to go rotfchucknorrislolo


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