30 day trial – day 1


1. wake up at 7ish (7 – 8) or earlier
2. clean house for 15 minutes or more
3. clean car for 5 minutes or more
4. read to phoenix
5. write journal entry
6. set out clothes for next day or more
7. take shower
8. pick out MIT for tomorrow
9. go to sleep around 10ish (10 – 11) or earlier

I am starting a 30 day trial for the win. I’ve only included simple things in my sub-goals so that I can raise my possibility of success as my time is already largely spoken for by family and WoW (alliance on the hellscream blizzard server, lvl 59 warlock ftw – and other characters too). I made sure to pick things (cleaning, reading, writing, sleep) that would make for a nice baseline to assist my goals in the future.

Yeah, I’m following my list theory as mentioned in the previous post; we’ll see what happens and, of course, I’ll keep you posted – if I don’t keep you posted, that means I either lost, or ended up somewhere without the inter nets; the intention is to use this blog in efforts to hold myself accountable. Oh, note how I didn’t use 12 items, but only used 9 items … and some of the items go hand-n-hand with each other too. Moving on…

Today, I didn’t have any time to play WoW, mostly because of family and because I got carried away in my cleaning stuff. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll try to squeeze in some time for a few quests – but first things first! 30 day trial here we go.

I wanted to try this out because … well it couldn’t hurt to just try; even if I fail, I still win, so it’s nothing but gravy on my potatoes.

So far so good. Time for sleep.


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