30 day trial? How about 30 day trial x 12! Go efficiency!

This written thought is in response to a few blog posts that I’ve read in the “personal development” section of my google reader feedz.

If you’re into personal development blogs, you’ve probably heard about the 30-day trial and you’ve probably heard that it takes approximately a month, or 30 days, to make a habit out of something. And if you’ve read any blog post about this 30 day idea, you probably know how adamant the writers are about focusing ONLY, making it a really high priority essentially, on that one item for 30 days straight to form a habit.

So if we go by the 1 habit every month idea, we’re limited to 12 habits per year. How could we … raise that number?

I approached that question, while smoking outside before bed, with some solid modeling software in mind. At work, five times a week, I’m rubbing noses with this modeling software called Pro/Engineer. I’ve learned a lot of pro-tips from the experts (people I work with) without even having a firm grasp of the basics – I’d never even heard of the program before three months ago. With this software, there is the significant feature of “assembling” parts. And, most of the parts will have a parent part. THATS MY ANSWER RIGHT THERE! In pro/E, if you delete the parent part, all of its children parts will be deleted as well.

Flip-flop and then apply that same parent-child relationship to a 30-day trial. How could one have a parent 30 day trial that had, lets say, 12 children parts which were part of the parent? Think for a sec about that … if you want.

My theory is that if you could schedule out, on paper, a list of items to repeat every day for 30 days, and make your 30 day trial be something like “DO THE LIST FOR 30 DAYS STRAIGHT” with the understanding that the list will not change in those 30 days, you could theoretically kill 12 birds (the 12 daily items on that list) with one stone (or schedule/paper/whatever).

How’s that for efficiency!

Now, all of this is coming from a person who has never done a 30 day trial. Anyone wanna test out my idea? Or has anyone tried something like that?

Here’s some reading material from blogs that like the 30 day idea with 1 item every 30 days:

30 days to success
the beginners guide to the 30 day trial
the beginners guide to the 30 day trial part 2


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