next future purchase for work & home – graphic design mice!

I’ll most likely purchase this awesome design mouse (it’s called “The Space Navigator”) that I see all my … much older and more experienced peers [can I call them peers yet? I’m still new] using on a daily basis. I asked a few of them if it actually makes any large amount of tangible difference, and they all claim that it’s their saving grace.


And right along with that mouse, I’ll probably (maybe/or not) purchase the logitech mx revolution simply because of the gliding scroll wheel that works so awesomely.

If you’ve ever used design programs like 3d cad, pro/engineer, solidworks, photoshop, or even if you’ve used google earth you can probably imagine the advantage you would have when using these two awesome mice at the same time – yes, design mice are made to work in conjunction with the rest of your junk.

Man, these little toys make work soooo much more fun and efficient. Of course, I can’t really justify spending the money for either of those items until I get good enough at the software I use. One day soon I’ll reach the point of “good enough” and … oh the fun and efficiency I’ll enjoy with those new toys. But, yeah, I can live without ’em if the price is still sticking out like a sore thumb in about four months.

Total price: $160 before tax


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