my new keyboard – it .. it glows- I’m returning this crap to the store

EDIT: I’m going to return this thing to the store today because there is a buzzing noise when you turn on the backlight. The keyboard is cool and all but knowing it has that buzzing noise and knowing that I paid 40 dollars for it just … well I can’t live with that. So… I’m in the market for a new keyboard again.

my new keyboard

I went out and purchased this keyboard from fry’s today. My intention was to get just a simple usb keyboard to replace my dirty outdated ps/2 keyboard, but I ended up getting this thing for 40 dollars. At first I thought I was being ripped off but, come to find out, this same keyboard costs about 60 bux on newegg.

The cool thing, other than the fact that you can turn the backlighting on/off, is that it’s a full size keyboard with … how do I say this … keys that don’t take long to press down? The keys on this keyboard are comparable to the keys on a macbook or macbook pro; they’re silent, quick, and to press one down you only have to travel about half the height of a normal keyboard. And that’s why I like it and went ahead and spent the 40 bux instead of going with my other 15 dollar alternative.

Hurray for keyboards! As for mice, my g7 is still kickin rad except for the middle mouse button when you press it down -that part has always sucked on the wireless, rechargable g7. But for what my g7 lacks in middle mouse clicking, I have another regular mouse also hooked up to address that when needed. I actually keep at least two mice hooked up to the same computer at once because one is for gaming, and the other is for … not gaming. Then I have my other big-red-ball-mouse that’s for graphic design – yah know, when you have to move the model around every which way to get a good perspective of what was done.

The likely reason that this post was so long is probably because this keyboard feels sooo smooth -and yes, I tried out every single keyboard in the store [lol I opened all the boxes and everything to make sure I could get a “feel” for it].


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