I purchased an ebook in “adobe format” – no such thing as .pdf format anymore?

“Q: Why should I use the Adobe eBook format instead of another format?
A: Adobe Digital Editions can be used on Windows and Mac computers, allowing for a little more versatility between those two operating systems. Adobe Digital Editions is a new program from Adobe that’s made specifically for eBooks and will be developing even further in the future.” – http://www.ebookmall.com/knowledge-collection/adobe-reader-faq.htm#4

“Adobe Digital Editions 1.0 (“DE”) is a free ebook program designed especially for PDF-based ebooks. It’s only a small download and, compared with Adobe Reader, it’s lightning fast and very easy to use. If you’ve been using Adobe Reader to read Adobe ebooks previously, you should upgrade to DE now.” -http://www.ebooks.com/help/Adobe_Home.asp

Upgrade to adobe digital editions? Are they on crack? Have they even tried that buggy beta crapware? I WANT PDF FORMAT!!! C’mon, why can I not download an ebook in .pdf format ANYWHERE in 2008 guys? *crying*

What the crap folks. I can’t even own my ebooks anymore. Every single ebook site (all 3 of them) says “available in adobe format” or something similar but they fail to mention that “NO, when we say adobe format we don’t mean pdf, we mean this piece of crap software called adobe digital that’s in friggin beta and buggy as crap … oh and no exporting!”

What the crap.

That means, unless I have that other crapware installed, I can’t read my books. I can’t even use acrobat reader on them at all. The actual book isn’t compatible with anything else but this beta software – the software has had a 1.0 release (*sigh*) and a 1.5 beta release (*cries*) and both are buggy and have almost no functionality.

Why would they do this to me? I really want my money back. I’m going to scream!!!


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