Confidence where there previously was none?

Yes, I am going to create confidence where there was previously none. So today was my first day on the job and needless to say I was overwhelmed with information, things to do, etc just like any typical new job. What I need to do now, I think, is develop a confidence in efforts to overcome the mental road block in my way.

Here’s are some of the weakling thoughts that run through my head on the first day:

  • Oh snap, I’m so under-qualified! I won’t be able to do this work!
  • Jeez, what if I don’t pass the background check.
  • I don’t even know where to start! I feel like I’m starting at the end of the pack and have to work my way up to the starting line! I’m overwhelmed.

And here are the counter thoughts to nip those previous negative thoughts in the bud:

  • I will be able to do this work. I will learn all of the tools necessary to do the job and will enjoy myself the entire way through.
  • I’ll pass the background check.
  • I don’t have to do everything at once, nor is that expected or possible. I’ll accept all incoming stuff and will do one thing at a time very calmly.
  • It’s only in my head that these pressures exist in the first place, and once I get rid of those, there’s no more pressure.


Yes, I finished that form and now for my at home to-do list the first priority is to get these windshield whipers changed, then the tail light (weekend thing), then take the car in to the shop (weekend thing).

As for work, outside of the business politics’ tasks and tests, I’ll have my own projects including learning and re-aquainting myself with proe, acad, and this one text book I have from school.

And this is where I’ll start. I’m going to do these items tonight just before I re-finish my 5 page background check form -yes, I finished it once, now I have to re-do it because apparently it’s only for “reference” for when we fill out the electronic version. Anyways here we go:

acad – Autocad

  • find a good good tutorial site and work my way through it one by one, lay it out in my to-do list

textbook – Piping stuff

  • type out the definitions and lay them out in flashcards for review -> maybe find an import to pda flashcard thing if I find the time
  • read through the book one chapter at a time (no need to DO all of the items in it, this is just a quick read through); make sure to layout each chapter in my to-do list

proe – Pro/Engineering

  • look for a class that teaches that, as per the suggestion of my supervisor – also, I took a peak at the software, it looks really drag-n-drop simple but there are a serious LACK of tutorials for that on the web.
  • get the software on my local computer somehow

business politics – work junk

  • create list in calendar and/or to-do list for new incoming due dates for stuff
  • create a special work inbox in my list

Final note: Good lord I’ve lost my stylus! I need to find something that acts like a stylus but isn’t so small. I’ve lost and found my stylus about 20 times this week, and I’m not exaggerating that number. The thing is just too small and tiny for me. I need something that will attach to my keys, sit in my wallet, be available in big fat hard to lose pen form, or something. I’m googling ( for a solution right now.

edit: Actually, screw the stylus. 15 dollars for a pack of super mini pokers? No! I’ll just use this nice free (found on the floor) click pen in its un-clicked state. I tried it just now and it works just fine.


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