self discipline (3 of 5)

Today was my last “official” day at my current job. There are still a few loose ends to tie up though, like the article and I’ve gottah drop off the parking/door pass and the headset box on Friday. I should be done with the article sometime tomorrow though if my girlfriend doesn’t manage to outsource all of my time to something else.

Anyways, I managed to complete the third option of my MIT list for today! That was the hardest one so that’s cool that I made it a priority. But I didn’t do the other two so failed there.

With that said, for tomorrow I’ll set the following MIT’s

  • start filling out paperwork for job (can do at home)
  • get a certified copy of birth certificate (driving)
  • attempt to finish article … more parts of it (home)

    Also, I’ll try to add my googled starred items to the side of this blog sometime soon. I’d also like to post some productivity apps I use for my mac – I’m actually very productive/efficient on my laptop, when I’m doing something on there. I’ll add those two items to the other list on my pda -yes, I have a pda rotfl.

  • 2 thoughts on “self discipline (3 of 5)

    1. Days almost over did you get it all done?

      maybe you should set aside outsourcing time for your gf that way she’s not stealing time but using time you’ve already set a pre limit to. Like bandwidth overages.

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