self discipline (2 of 5)

Oh the joy! I completed all of my MIT’s. Feels good once it’s all done, and well … finding my phone was kind of a breakthrough. I could use a system to keep from losing it again as it seems like lately I lose it about once per week.

For today, I have the following:

  • start filling out paperwork for job
  • find out what kind of bulb my back tail light has
  • attempt to finish article .. at least the telnet part(due fri)

    These are all do-able but the last one is the hardest. I’ll put priority on that one of the three.

  • One thought on “self discipline (2 of 5)

    1. I’m not sure how you can take better care of your phone. What is something you normall keep with you? Such as money or you wallet. Treat it as such take it in the shower with you and place it by something you need such as a towel when you get out. Place it by your keys everynight so when you leave is right there.

      Also, should help all you have to do is go to autozone and pick it up.

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