self discipline (1 of 5)

Funny how I haven’t updated my blog in the last two days. Looks like I failed the week long challenge, so allow me to start it again with this post. And for that last post, I actually did get the second two items done and somehow managed to completely ignore the first item. As I already said, I haven’t set out any to-do or MIT items for the past two days and that was mostly because of lacking discipline and I’m working on it … hence the blog post.

With that said, let me take this opportunity to make some MIT’s for tomorrow (today).

  • Update blog
  • Look for cell phone … really look
  • Show up to work 10 minutes early

    These are pretty simple so I shouldn’t have a problem getting them done. The last one is the hardest for me personally though, so I’ll try to make that one the highest priority out of everything else.

    And I’ll leave this post with a quote:

    “The trick is to see the big picture and focus on one little thing at a time.”
    “…and the key is to sustain focus!” -my wallpaper

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