self discipline (1 of ?) – edit: FAIL

This is the start of a series of events that will change my life, not unlike any other event. I’ll start this one off by trying to complete my most important tasks (MIT), that are actually complete-able, for a week. Instead of starting another blog, I’ve decided to keep all my crap in one blog and only update that blog – hence the name ‘mushbox’. I’d intend to update this blog on a daily basis, essentially using this as a ‘daily review’. Onto the exercise!For five days, I’ll report back to here with a review regarding my completion (or not) of my MIT’s. I think it would work out best if I followed one daily review with the MIT tasks for the following day, and have this all included in the same post. My sleep schedule is very weird right now, so keep that in mind if you’re reading this, my days flow into each other without any particular sleep division – I get sleep when I can, not really when I want .. for the time being. Onward!My tasks for the following day (today) are: 

  •  write email troubleshooting knowledge base article for work
  • clean out the interior of the car
  • fill car tires with air
A couple of these tasks have been on my MIT list for a long time now and still aren’t done. I completely understand why juggling tasks and giving energy to a lot of things will cause you to get a lesser amount of things done because this is exactly what previously happened to me here. Anyways, that’s another story and there are several good reads on that type of situation; just search the blogosphere for “multitasking is unproductive” or something like that.
One thing to keep in mind when I’m attempting to get these MIT’s done tomorrow is SLEEP! I need to take make sure to grab hold of any free time that I get tomorrow … ANY free time. Putting the air in the tires will take about 30 minutes if I include travel time and everything else. The article could take a couple of hours – I need to make sure to add any fresh ideas I have for the article down in a notepad somewhere so once I do have a chunk of available time, it wont take too long to implement them. Cleaning the car – any little bit of time that I can manage would be usable in running down the stairs and grabbing a handful of clutter, then sticking it in a bag up here to sort out later; yes, this is almost like transferring mess from one place to another, but at least the car will be a little bit cleaner because of it – that’s the goal anyway.
I’ll have to make sure to visualize myself completing these items in a zen-like (yes, I read that post on zen habits) manner almost as an exercise in relaxation. I’ll report back when I’m done, win or fail. Also, keep in mind that “failing” is not actually failing. I win even if I “lose”. Of course, if I don’t finish one thing today, I’ll move it over to the next day since it is still important. 



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