built a desktop instead

So, I sold the old desktop and did NOT get a mac mini. Why? The mac mini is too underpowered for me at the moment. Although I do like OSX, I like power just a little bit more and windows xp is still good to me. Anyways, so I just sold my old desktop and built a better desktop. This new desktop is built from scratch so now, since it’s not a dell and doesn’t use proprietory crap, I can upgrade it over and over in the future. It took me a night to put all the pieces together because I purchased all of my parts at the same time and from the same store (microcenter). Er, I still gottah fill out my rebate forms though, … I’ll do that tonight.

My case is a p180 from antec:

The motherboard is a nforce 680i sli board -unlike the one in the picture below, my board has THREE pci-e slotz:

The processor is an intel e6750 core 2 duo at 2.66ghz – no quad core for now because games don’t care about quad; at the moment only imaging (i.e. adobe suite) tools use that stuff:

And for the video card, right now I have an 80 dollah 7600gt to hold me over, but in the near future I’ll be purchasing the 8800gts!!! The 320mb version of the gts should be down to 200 bux pretty soon, and the 640mb version should follow eventually. I’d like to get the 640mb version so that I wont have gaming problems when I upgrade my monitor(s).

edit: couldn’t wait, so I purchased the 8800gts on Friday. Now, my games play like buttuh. Oh yes.


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