dear vista … please sign these divorce papers

If you saw that last post (and I’m about to delete that) you’d know my hard drive got corrupted because Vista doesn’t play nice with external drives formatted in NTFS. Well VISTA plays nice with it if you’re only going to be using it on VISTA machines, but when you switch between a lot of different operating systems like I do, vista fondles something on the drive, preventing the other guys (windows xp) from being able to read it like it would normally read an NTFS drive. This page explains some of my problems, but doesn’t get too specific: NTFS vs Fat

Now, my drive comes up as corrupted and well … that’s just poop. This is the second time that this has happened -the first time I thought the drive pooped on me because I did a quick format on it. The second time i did a full time-consuming format and everything was dandy … until I tried to read the drive in XP.

I’m not so much angry as I am annoyed and angry. I know these kind of things happen from time to time, but this thing has corrupted on me twice in two weeks. Tired of it. I was already tired of vista anyway’s, but it did come with the computer and well I didn’t think it was horrible enough to be worth the time and effort that it takes to flatten and install something else on the box. Wait- That’s not exactly true, at one point I tried to install ubuntu on it because I was fed up with looking at vista and it’s silly buttons and icons, and all the silly quirks it has. But, unfortunately, the machine refused to boot the ubuntu disc. It just flat out refused! Yeah it would load up, but it would die after something got corrupted somehow. I re-tried this about five different times with three different discs and two different downloads of ubuntu. What a night of wastefulness.

Every time I think of my computer, I wish I had a mac, linux, or xp box. I’m to the piont now where it feels like vista doesn’t do anything like I’d like it to be done. It doesn’t look like I’d like it to look. It doesn’t search like I’d like it to search. It doesn’t stop corrupting my stuff like I’d like it to stop corrupting my stuff. It doesn’t want to play with any other operating system, and so on.

I. am. fed. up. with vista. Of course, if I were to format my drive to fat32, it should play nice … but I’m just tired of problems. I never did have any problems with my macbook, except that I couldn’t play the games I wanted. That’s why I got this desktop, but now that I have the games, I rarely every play them -except for fifa 07. And, Fifa 07 runs on an intel 950 64mb integrated card (mac mini) just fine.

I’m really considering replacing my pretty desktop with a nice underpowered base model mac mini when they release leopard next month. Lets look at the specs.

  my desktop mac mini
video card 256mb gf + 128mb gf intel 950 64mb (integrated)
os vista xp + osx (leopard)
ram 3gb 1gb
disc 16x dvd+/-RW dvd rom / cd rw
size xbox sized teeny tiny
processor Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 2.0ghz 1.83 intel core 2 duo
space 250 gig 80 gig

….see anything that stands out in that chart as bad? I do. It’s VISTA.

Yeah yeah, I know I could just fork out 100 bux and get xp on the desktop, or just transfer my xp serial from my old crapdesktop to the newer one, but … xp has it’s own problems. I’ve never had any problems with OSX. So now I’ve got this idea in my head to sell the desktop on craigslist for 500-600 bux, wait til october and buy the mini from the galleria for 600 bux, use bootcamp and parallels/vmware to run xp (i’ll use the license from my old crapdustin compaq desktop), format my external 500gig drive to fat 32, and finally be at peace with the world of computers once again.

Sounds like a plan.

Also… I know the mac mini isn’t a great gaming machine but it seems like the wii’s, ps3’s, and xbox 360’s are taking over the gaming market anyways so it’s not that big of a deal.


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