First Week of School

I started school already, sortah. The first day of class, which was Tuesday, wasn’t a real productive one. What kind of crap do they teach on the first day of any class anyway? Not a damn thing. Contrary to popular belief, I actually did go to class. So nah-nah. Ahem…but don’t ask me how it went.

On Wednesday, I don’t have any classes, so I was basically up there just fooling around and attempting to get other background tasks done while I was on campus. That went alright, but yah know, I was there for a very-very long time -longer than I would’ve previously preferred.

Thursday I had my Business and Technical writing class. The professor said he didn’t give a shit if we took pictures in class, so I’ll probably end up doing that sometime in the near future if I can find my damn computer link that’s hiding underneath thin air -where the heck is that thing; I mean, I had like at least two of them!

Anyways, the business tech. prof. is pretty darn cool. From the looks of his syllabus, he’s probably one of the most lenient profs I’ve ever had. And, the cool part is, most of our assignments – wait, ALL of our assignments are online. Our job is to read the book, complete the assignment, and upload it to this webpage, before or after the due date [hehe]. This is probably going to be my jerk around class.


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