charging arena

Now that school is back in session, I’ll be able to update my blog more frequently. The library at our school purchased some spiffy new computers and matching flatscreen thingers with our tuition money, so I’ll definitely be putting these to use. The cool thing about them is that they’re a lot faster, and logging in doesn’t take five hours anymore. I could do without them altogether since I do have my own laptop (except it’s very old and crappy) but I can’t let that tuition money go to waiste. Plus, printing is included in the cost of tuition. It’s twenty five bucks for that, so I’m definitely going to make use of that.

Moving right along. To get myself all psyched up and ready to do lots of homework, I’ve decided to make myself a “charging arena” – I stole that phrase from Kris, incase you were wondering. For me, a charging arena, in relation to school, is a place in my mind. This place in my mind takes shape when I read motivational articles, look at where I still have to go in my degree plan, and look at my grade history and other things along that line. But, I need to have access to this place wherever I go, because I never know when the thought of procrastination is going to show it’s ugly head again.

I read an article (do it now) on Steve Pavlina’s blog that re-motivating oneself is crucial/important/beneficial in a lot of situations. I guess the “i’m motivated” side of your brain needs to be re-fuled on a regular basis just like a car. This idea appeals to me, because it sounds beneficial and it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try. So I tried it, liked it, and will continue to do it. For my charging arena, I’ve got bunches of motivational articles that I printed out [thanks to the library and my tuition money] for easy access, and there’s my degree plan, and my grade history, and a whole bunch of other things. And for easy access, most of these things will remain in a folder or bag pocket so that I can have it with me all the time -I take my bags everywhere almost.


One thought on “charging arena

  1. Hey there! Sure you can borrow it. It’s a-freaking-maizing. Yeah the byob part is cool, but cover charges suck. But now that we have our own here…it’s all gravy baby. You should come over sometime and sample it!

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