Alternative Curse Words

I was reading this HSW article on swearing this morning. The article covered the basics of swearing, why people swear, swearing and how it effects the brain, and so on. But as I got to the end of the article, under the heading “Swearing and the Brain”, I found this humerous little gem.

Can you imagine yelling “sweet cheeses!” out loud in public? I don’t think I could contain my laughter even if someone else said it and I just happened to over hear. A lot of people do this whole substitute swear word thing though. My fluids professor uses “turkey” instead of of swearing.

“I can’t help you when you’re acting like a bunch of turkeys!” He’d say something like that.


One thought on “Alternative Curse Words

  1. Thanks so much for the suggested alternative swear words. This will be a topic for my senior high church group kids and I like your ideas. Thanks.
    As for myself, I’m thinging that shang-a-lang will be appearing more often in my vocabulary.

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