Hardcore Nazi-Focus

So I was thinking, thanks to Steve Pavlina’s “do it now” post. Imagine going through the day with nazi-like focus sessions. Everything you do is focused – that is, you’re focusing on whatever it is you’re doing. Lets say you have five big projects to complete. You wake up, you start the first one, and you don’t stop, except for food and sleep, until you finish. Working your way down your list of projects, you notice that you’re performing more efficiently than ever. Things are getting done, and fast! Occasionally you take a break to reinforce your motivation with a gtd article that you printed out, after which you continue to burn a hole in whatever it is you’re focused on.

You haven’t forgotten about your other priorities like your friends, your family, your faith, your animals, and your side projects. Those will find their way into your life regardless. And you will give them the time that you want, whenever you’re done with your list. Never neglecting the other stuff, you prefer not to focus on them every second of every day, but instead you engage in their various events when you’re ready and when you’re able to. Whoever is calling your cell phone can wait; that email that you probably got can be read later; that party that you were invited to isn’t even in line with your goals so that can definitely be put on the very end of the back burner, in fact, you probably wont go anyway; you’ll see your friends tomorrow, they can wait; you did your religion thing this morning, and you’ll do it tonight before you fall asleep, nothing to worry about there.

A project will only get postponed if something is in immediate need of your attention, and it’s at that point that you’ll give your immediate attention to whatever it is that’s in need, and it better be damn important or heads are going to roll. That is the essence of hardcore nazi focus, and I dig the idea. I’m modifying my previous method of getting things done to include this. Previously, I used the hipster pda, which worked out pretty interestingly. I’m dropping it –or part of it- though because it has so many features. Now I’m leaning towards a simpler way of doing things, something that doesn’t have lots of options, in order to focus my focus more accurately and for longer periods of time.

That means, I’ll have to minimize all of the GTD things that I already do. My fat hipster pda is going on a diet; I’ll just use two note cards instead: The first note card has a list of projects to do on it, and the second one has my goals listed on it. The mozilla sunbird calendar is really great for organizing my dates but it’s also out because my laptop computer is very old and is becoming a hassle to turn on/off and operate. Unless someone buys me a new laptop, this has to happen. Operating that dinosaur is a HUGE waste of time. Basically, most of the things in this post are getting put on hold because of my old ibm craptop. That’s fine though, I don’t require a laptop, and it’s just a convenience.

Now, I’ll be using an offline calendar that I have to write in with a pen/pencil, a minimalist hipster pda (2 note cards) – this can also be done with a sheet of paper like in this post. [Oh, that last link talks about using a 3 notecard system. I do like that system but now I don’t have to use it anymore. I’ve learned to fix the anxiety thing in my head instead of doing it on paper, and the ‘distractions section’ is not needed either because now I have a better handle on when something is distracting me and how to denounce it without writing anything down. Yup, that’s progress in the right direction.]

Since I don’t have much to work with now (2 note cards and a little calendar) I think I can make some good progress in making the hardcore nazi-focus thing a habit. Maybe it’s a good thing that my laptop has lost it’s youth, but I still miss everything about having a fresh, new, fast, portable operating system in my hands. *sigh*


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