I don’t care about putting up Christmas crap right now. That’s the last thing on my mind. So when my mother asks me if I want to help the neighbors put up the Christmas decorations in the morning, and then I consequently say “NO,” why must she get angry and say things like “you never want to help anyone”? First of all, there are several big fellers around my neighborhood who could help just as well as I could. Second of all, why me? If they want to put up their crap, let them do it. Mom’s gottah know that I’m definitely not going to help those neighbors, of all people. The neighbors that I’ve never talked to since I’ve lived here. The neighbors who like to spy on my house. The neighbors who my dad so vocally abhores.

Now, feeling like a scrooge, I still don’t care if mom’s angry. I’m still not going to wake up early just to put some nonsense Christmas decorations up because the neighbors want them up. No. If I say yes to that, I’m saying no to sleep and peace of mind. If I say yes to that, I’m saying no to all the other potential things I could be doing at that time. I wont say yes to that.

Bah Humbug


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