Fluids Test Is Over, Now What?

For our fluids test, the professor let us use our laptops with our equations in excel. Half the class had laptops, and the other class had nice calculators, and then there was this one guy with a run-down calculator. Everyone had some sort of tool to work out their problems so everyone had a fair chance.

The most inviting equation that was on the test was the “Chézy-Weisbach-Darcy-Poiseuille-Hagen-Reynolds-Fanning-Prandtl
-Blasius-Kármaán-Nikuradse-Colebrook-White-Rouse-Moody equation”.
Yes, I’m giving it that long name just to give everybody credit. But, you might prefer to call it by a simpler name such as Darcy’s equation. Well yeah, we used that on the test. Below, you’ll see Darcy’s equation for head-loss due to friction in SI units. On our test, we actually used english units, like we always do.
Δh = f(L/D)(v2)/(2 g)

Δh = head loss in meters
f = friction factor (dimensionless)
L = pipe length in meters
D = pipe diameter in meters
v = fluid velocity in meters per second
g = local gravitational acceleration of 9.807 m/s2

Our test had three questions on it. Yeah, that’s all. The problems weren’t insanely difficult, but they did test whether you did the homework or not, and whether you paid attention in that one class – all of the other ones didn’t really come into play this time. The unfortunate thing about this test is that I didn’t study until the last minute. That doens’t mean that I didn’t do well, but I don’t fully understand these equations quite yet. I can plug and chug just like everyone else though, so that’s always my backup.

We’ve got part 2 (our Fluids Final) next week. So with that test, we’ll have had a total of 3 tests including the final for the semester. Isn’t that a ride. Allow me to wish myself luck on the final. *does it* Now I’ll have to use tomorrow to finish my Materials Science report that is past due, to complete the Calculus quiz that I never turned in, and to finish up a couple Piping Projects. Which one of those is the most fun? The piping one, because it’s not past due yet. 😉

The only sad part is, I don’t know autocad – I really would like to take it next semester though. Imagine that; ewonk the cad guy. As for the materials science paper, that makes me really sad that I only started on it and never got back to it. Someone is looking over my shoulder though, and I’m thankful for that. And I definitely learned something. Never, ever, wait to the last minute. Ever.


One thought on “Fluids Test Is Over, Now What?

  1. Hey, your fluids exam sounds like mine. Only we don’t get laptops. But we do get the book. And Plug’n’Chug doesn’t work in my class. Unless you’re REALLY lucky. hah. Anyway, glad that’s over, even though it was really interesting for me.

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