It’s Finals Week, I Can Feel It

This week hasn’t been hectic but it’s been busy nonetheless. I’ve bumped into lots of new ideas that aren’t ready for my life yet, and ran into even more cool moments that sort of caught me off guard – I’ve been off guard ever since that one party. Ultimately all of these things get placed into the “Finals Week” box. Nothing normal happens during finals week right? Unless you think about your last “Finals Week” and I’m definitely not one to think back to a time like that just for fun. Those were ACTUAL hectic days, when I didn’t know my left from my right or my Mondays from my Fridays.

Now, I’m more mature, and I get it all, but what I want now is to feel different about finals than before. I want to look on finals week as a place of ease, comfort, and security – all of the things that it is currently NOT to me. I’ve got a few idea’s in my envelope though. One thing I could do is visualize myself in a place of green grasses, blue skies, and homework that just needs to be started and then gradually completed in little manageable pieces. This is the way it really is, but when I mess up, sometimes I convolute my ideas to mean something more than they mean. As an analogy, sometimes I look at the little ‘tickle me elmo’ (tests, homework, projects) and see a big fat dinosaur named  angry.

That’s definitely not a good way to look at anything. So, I’m going to quit that right now. I’ve got several project to finish, and I feel good about them now. I’m going to get started when I finish this post and get’r’done. Tomorrow is the Fluid Mechanics test, which isn’t actually difficult at all. The trick lies in figuring out what exactly has been covered in class. Needless to say, I didn’t attend every class because our professor likes to waste hours upon hours in excel and talk about his stories in “in the field” and have class even when the Mayor of Houston is having a speech downstairs which is pretty much something you might want to attend if you intend on being an active member of Houston – for me, I just felt obligated to attend. He’s the Mayor for goodness sake!

Aside from that, there are the piping projects, and the materials science paper that have to be written, and the cal test, oh… did I mention that the Fluids test tomorrow is NOT the final? Yeah, we’ve got a final in addition to that last minute test. That’s ok with me though. I changed my way of looking at it from an unproductive view to a productive view. And on that note, I’m brought to my next post of the night.


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