Thanksgiving With The Family

I didn’t get to the party until about 7ish because I was busy with a side-project of mine. Right around 6:50, I had to rush in and out of the shower and take care of all the self-maintenance things, and I had to let the dogs out and into the house for their “I wont be back for awhile” potty break. At 7 my mother drove by and picked me up to take me to her mothers house where everyone (her side of the family) was already getting nice and fat.

Mom pressed the doorbell before I’d even thought of it, and one of my cousins promptly appeared to escort us into the celebration. My sister greeted me with one of her smug insults in – probably just trying to impress my aunts. After stepping past the sibling and the silent hello’s, I helped myself to the kitchen where I could adequately get the party started [in my stomach]. I think I said hello to everyone in general just as I walked in, so that took care of the greetings. Now, it was food time.

The entire bar had food all over it. The food was pretty traditional stuff though: some turkey, chicken, lots of different pies, lots of other desserts that I don’t know the name of, some soup stuff, some cranberry sauce and dressing, cabbage, potato salad, some cheese devices, and more. I put some of everything that wasn’t sweet on my plate. All those sugary things could wait ’til I was already good and fat and incapable of even trying to eat anything else – I don’t want to be a diabetic thx.

A whole lot of food, and an unfinished slice of pie later, I’m laid out on the couch in all my gluttony. I did try to get on the Internet for a bit, but that proved to be VERY difficult. I couldn’t even sit up straight. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if I had moved just slightly in an improper way, I might’ve barfed all over grandma’s nice carpet. Can’t have that. After I made it to the couch and realized that I’d be there for a while, sleep came like a tsunami, suddenly and swiftly.

I’m thankful for all of that though. And I’m also thankful for the best friends anyone could ask for! I’ll be spending some time with a few of them tomorrow for the side-thanksgiving, yah know, the thanksgiving after thanksgiving where you get to act yourself instead of acting out your role as assigned to you by the family. 😉

This is where I’d post a list of the other things that I’m thankful for. But instead of doing that, I’m going to write out a list on a little sheet of paper, then go outside and burn it to ashes with my lighter.


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