Try Qumana, it’s cool, it’s free, it’s simple

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I love to play around with my web services and my programs. This can be a good and bad thing, considering I’m using windows to download things (i want a pretty mac with no viruses) still and my efficiency level isn’t quite up to par at the moment. And I’ll accept those risks for the time being. It’s not all bad, after all; sometimes I do come across little gems of goodness that deserve some praise. And that brings me to today’s post. I’ve found another cool program!

This program, Qumana, is for use with blogs and blog type things -and email. Bear with me while I describe this thing real quick. Basically the cool part about it is that you get to log into any of your blogging services, and in my case I’ve got a couple different ones (blogger & wordpress), and you can edit an earlier post, or you can post to that blog. So that is one basic thing that’s pretty neat to have for free. But there’s something else about this program that puts it just a little higher on the scale of ‘neat programs’.


I’ve been playing with my new blog—ProBlogging How to—for a while now. First thoughts, I really like it. Qumana connects in a cinch. I’ve been cross-posting and re-posting without problems. 

original page: Further review of … I like it!


It has a drag and drop feature that works like this: when you’re looking at a webpage, and you see something, anything, that’s on that webpage that you’d like to blog about, all you do is click and drag the item to the Qumana square at the bottom left (or wherever you chose to position it) of your screen. You can do this several times over, until you feel you’ve gathered enough information on the topic of your choice. Once that’s done, then you right click on the little Qumana block and press “Post Collected Items”.
Now, you will see a posting screen on your computer with all of the items that you’ve put in the box. From this point, you can move things around, and make things prettier, and edit stuff, and basically have a good time in your little posting screen. Once all is done, you just hit the post button! And it’ll post it straight to whichever blog you chose to post to.
The Qumana folks had this to say this programs coolness and abilities and stuff:


Qumana is for smart, experienced bloggers who want maximum freedom in their blogging life — the freedom to post to multiple blogs and blog platforms[…] 

  • Insert keyword-specific ads in one click
  • WYSIWYG Ad banner designer to customize ads to your blog
  • DropPad – gather links, text, and pictures by dragging them to a resizeable desktop pad
  • Create media-rich posts of images and text together
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Edit old posts from any of your blogs
  • Offline editing to work at your own pace
  • One-click posting to one or more blogs
  • Technorati tagging – one click insertion of tags, with editing option
  • Multi-window editing
  • Seamless publishing and cross-publishing
  • Integration with all major blog platforms
  • Easy image uploading
  • Built in image resizer for large images
  • Simple image alignment
  • Spell check and Thesaurus
  • Save as HTML or RTF for offline editing

original page:


If you do a lot of blogging, and if you like to update more than one blog, then this program is definitely a MUST HAVE. You might even simply use it as just a blog client so you don’t have to go to a webpage to update your stuff.

Have at it. Download the .exe file of Qumana here.

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windows alternatives: w.bloggar, blogjet, ecto, and I’m sure there’s more


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