Pardon Me, Livejournal

I love the idea of blogging and knowing that a stranger or two might possibly be reading my posts. That’s why I have keep a blog in the first place! But since all blogs are not created equal, there comes a time when one has to choose a favorite. There are three favorites on my list now. Livejournal is a really nice blogging service, and has a client that can be used in conjunction with it; blogger is a google ran service for blogging, and I can post there through microsoft word; and then there’s wordpress. This being my first post with wordpress, I’ll have to reserve judgement for awhile. But there is something about this blog that makes my fingers tingle a little bit.

I think it has to do with all these options I have, and the very nice looking theme, and ability t o categorize posts. Just recently, I abandoned my blogger blog for a livejournal that has a lot of cool features. LJ has categorizing, a client, the ability to make posts private or friends only or even public, a great commenting system, and so much more. But, there is something inside of my soul that wants to switch to wordpress for some reason. I’ll sort out the details later, but until further notice, I’m going to update this blog indefinitely, and the livejournal blog … well I’ll update that too. It’s time to make some decisions here. And I’ll let you know when I’ve made mine.


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